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// Merino Knit Kit // Kool Kidz Beanie (for adults!)

In this kit you’ll find

  • 1 Ball of 200g Chunky Funky yarn
  • Pattern Book 
  • Links to the Instruction Videos
  • Care Instructions
  • Darning needle
  • Stitch marker

Accompanying Needle Kit (Required if you don't have these already)

  • 12mm (US 17) circular knitting needles


Nothing says laissez-faire (without freezing off an ear) like a down-with-the-hip-kids chunky beanie.


Simple, snuggly and snazzy, this beanie is knit with a funky ribbed texture and enough length so you can roll up the edge for that kewl cuffed look.


One size fits all (with an option to extend the length)


New to this knit shiz? No sweat! This beanie uses simple stitches and even though it’s knit in the round it’s a total cinch! 


2-3 hours 

Skills you’ll master

Cast on, 1x1 rib, knit, purl, knit two together, cast off, weaving in edges

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michelle S.

I had so much fun making this beanie - now I want to knit EVERYTHING! I can't believe I made this. It is so cosy. Everyone I have shown it to has been so impressed! I started with the Basics videos, practising the different knit/purl/rib stitches and casting on etc, and then moved onto the project. My tip: At the end of the project when you need to weave in the ends - this vid is in the Basics playlist! My head is on the large-side but I just made it as per the standard pattern and just have a slightly smaller cuff than in the booklet images, however I still like the look.

Georgie Wade
Great way to start

This beanie is so cute!! It has really straight forward instructions and the supporting video helps to explain it all so well. I really enjoyed making this and have bought 2 more kits since!! It's slightly addictive - so be warned!!

Phylippa Robinson
Stunning hat

Love this pattern. Looks great and good practice for my knitting.
Now to make it in other colours

Great level for beginners

This was really fun and also challenging to make in terms of getting the rib right and remembering when to knit and when to purl! (I am a newbie knitter). This was my first kit and it gave me so much practice for doing rib stitch that I feel really confident with it now. I loved the experience, made heaps of mistakes and also had great email support from Marnie.

I didn’t know I could possibly love knitting so much!

This project gave me more than just a beanie. It was so nice to have a relaxing project to work on and have something useful at the end. I highly recommend!! My advice would be to read the book and go through all the ‘basics’ videos on YouTube before diving in so you know where to find all the videos you’ll need. The beanie is a cool style and the merino wool is super soft and easy to work with. The videos are really easy to follow. I can’t wait to get started on my next project!

Dani Ball
So Great and Very Cozy

This was so great to make.
Took me a little bit to get started but once I did it was so good.
Was a great smaller project to do and turned out great

Super easy super fun!

Once i got the hang of it after watching the tutorials, such a fun beanie to make! Super satisfactory being able to finish a project and actually wear it! Super easy for a first time knitter and now I want to make another!

Sarah Oates
I made a beanie!

I have had SO many compliments on my beanie and I LOVE telling people that I made it myself! People have been so impressed! I really enjoyed this kit, will definitely be buying more yarn to make more beanies for gifts in future! I think it was possibly a bit challenging for me as a beginner (and to be fair I have done knitting before) but I know you have taken this feedback on board and created even simpler beanie patterns! I LOVE the online videos as they really made it easy and it was cool being able to watch them again and again, I love your laid back modelling. I did find that I couldn't get the QR codes in the pattern booklet to work, and finding the right video at the right time was a bit confusing as some of the videos are applicable to more than one kit, so weren't necessarily in the beanie section on youtube. I have never done a rib stitch (or a pearl) before but found the instructions and videos really clear. I did screw things up a bit by adding 2 extra rows which meant I had to re-mix things a bit as I started to bring the beanie in but it still looks great! I loved learning this new skill. Not sure I am ready to tackle any other patterns as yet but perhaps one day! I love my beanie and love your new business!

hell yes I made a beanie

So cool to learn to knit in the round and it was surprisingly quick to knit up even for a newbie like me!


Looks fabulous, videos are easy to follow along with the pattern. A few errors in the beginning but easy to go back and remedy for a super cute beanie!