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A few nifty little questions that have been popping up!


Getting the whole kit & caboodle is part of the Joy Make Club experience which is why we are currently not selling the patterns separately. 
However if you follow us on Instagram @thejoymakeclub or are signed up to our newsletter we sometimes have special free pattern offers and knit-alongs that we’d love you to make the most of.

All of the jumpers and cardigans come in sizes 8 - 22 and will have differing measurements according to their style.

The finished garment width and length for each size will be detailed on the product page and in the pattern. Most patterns also have instructions for length customisation.

Many of the accessories are either one size fits most or again have instructions for personal customisation.

Because wool is a natural fibre, there is occasionally some variance in texture and there might be bits of your yarn that are thinner or thicker than others - this is totally normal!

We recommend you continue knitting with the yarn (it adds to the character!) however you can always cut that part out of the yarn and then start with a new piece if it’s not your jam,

You might also find a knot in your yarn - this is also a totally normal part of the spinning process that happens from time to time. Again you can keep knitting and give the knot a wiggle so it ends up on the wrong side of your garment..

It’s simultaneously super simple and a bit finicky - so I’d recommend you read through our ‘Caring For Your New Knit’ page ☺️