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How It All Works

Okay friend, so this knit kit shiz has piqued your interest but you don’t know where to start?

Well you just happen to be in exactly the right place! The Joy Make Club is all about making the daunting prospect of learning to knit into a fun, satisfying and highly fulfilling journey!

We're All About The Chunky Wool Baby!

We're in love with delicious thick Chunky Wool.

Learning to knit with chunky wool is just so much easier - you can see your stitches, and if you mess up it's much easier to fix!

Make head turning projects that don't take forever!

Where the heck do I start?

All our knit kits are beginner friendly and most of them are total newbie friendly! We’ve used basic stitches and simple construction for all our products - without skimping on style - in the hope that we’re part of the revolution making the joy of crafting accessible to all (not just those with grannies who passed down their mad skills 😜)

Anyway, first things first. If you’re new to this world of knitting - we gotchu!

Video Tutorials For Every Step Of Your Journey

Every single step has been designed for beginners by an (almost) beginner - me! I fell in love with knitting last year and went deeeep into the rabbit hole - so you don’t have to.I’ve waded through the jargon, and knitted & frogged (okay so there’s some knit slang I kinda fell in love with) my way to being able to make some pretty epic creations - and I know you can too!

Each pattern begins with links to our Basics playlist and Troubleshooting playlist. We reckon it’s best to make yourself a cuppa, grab one of your balls of yarn, a pair of needles and watch through the videos trying out each new skill before embarking on your project.

Choose Your Pattern!

Cool, now for the fun bit (well it’s all fun but this bit is EXTRA FUN). 

Straight out the gate it’s time to have a squiz through all of the kits and see which one tickles your fancy the most. You might wanna start with something from the Total Newbie collection or go straight in for the Beginner goodies. Whichever way you go, the next step is to choose your yarn colour/s (this totes the hardest part) and hit BUY!

A few days later your knit kit will be winging its way to you!

What's In Your Knit Kit?

Once you’ve received your parcel - the journey begins! Inside you’ll find everything you need to make your very own hand-knitted, chunky, funky creation -

  • Joy Make Club Chunky Yarn
  • Pattern Book
  • Needle Kit specifically for your project (make sure you add this to your purchase if you don't already have needles!)
  • Access to our video tutorials

The pattern book is your step-by-step (or should I stay row-by-row) guide to making your chosen garment.

We’ve simplified the knitting gobble-de-gook as much as possible but still totally recommend reading through all the important info at the beginning of each pattern.

When you’re feeling ready to roll, the pattern will show you the way and will have links to each relevant new skill as you go as well as handy row counting tick boxes for keeping track of where you’re at.

And if you get stuck, or just need a bit of a pep talk - we’re always here to help and be your cheerleader so don’t hesitate to give us a shout on holla@joymakeclub.com

Need some help deciding which kit to start with - give us a holla!

We're always happy to chat and help answer any questions you may have!

Please note, we try our best to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.